Where Have I Been? New Blog!

Where have i been

I have been meaning to do this for, like, ever (T-Swift, anyone?), but I have a new blog! I had been feeling to itch to move over to a new site with my own domain for a while, and it finally felt like the perfect time. I’ve been blogging over at http://www.prettygrazing.com for a few months now, and the content is very similar to what is on this old blog of mine. I consider it a “lifestyle” blog, and I write about products I’m loving, style, food, fitness, wedding planning, etc.!

So, if you’ve stumbled across my page, I’d love to have you at my new Pretty Grazing site. And if you want to be updated when I post, be sure to subscribe!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog, and that you join me over at http://www.prettygrazing.com.




Lilly Pulitzer Planner Review


Hello! I recently got the best deal on a Lilly Pulitzer planner. I found it in the stationary/notebook section at TJ Maxx for $7.99! I love a good deal, and have always wanted a Lilly Pulitzer planner, but have been hesitant to shell out the money for one in the past. You can still get the same planner I got on amazon here.

It includes a sticker sheet, a 2016-2017 monthly review calendar, individual 2016 month calendars,  a “dates to celebrate” section, a travel planning section, an addresses and notes section, and then the monthly and weekly calendars for 2016. Cute Lilly prints and quotes are obviously sprinkled throughout, too!

I love that the weekly layout has plenty of room for my busier weeks, and lots of room for me to doodle. I also like that there are multiple monthly layouts, which is great for different purposes. For example, I can plan out blog posts on one monthly calendar, and write down big events/dates on the other monthly calendar!

I also included the pen I like to use in my planner. It is the Pigma Micron 01 pen with Archival Ink. It has a SUPER fine tip, which is perfect to write daily to-do’s AND to write fancy doodles. You can buy one of these pens here.

So far this planner is working out really well for me! I tend to bounce around to different planners throughout the year (I know, it’s wasteful). I like trying new systems and sometimes need a little freshening up in my routine to maintain motivation to be organized! (It’s definitely not my nature to be super organized.) And getting a good deal on the planner spoke to my love language of saving money. Wait, that’s not one of the love languages?

I’m SO not a super planner (think: the people who’s planner pages look like a piece of art), but I do like using some curly-girly font to make a visually appealing planner page.

What planner do you use? Is it fabulous or is it missing something you need to plan life and be organized?




Friday Favorites #1

I go home today! I haven’t been home since Christmas break, so I am eager to head back and visit with family. (And Netflix binge, hang out with my dog, etc.) I decided I would share some of my favorite things (did anyone else just sing the Sound of Music song?) with you! This week, I’ve been loving…

  1. Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai and Blueberry candybrookside candy

My boss brought these into work earlier this week and they are one of my FAVORITE candies. A handful is just enough to get through my shift. (:

2. Easy Makeup–I have been loving a simple, quick makeup look lately. I just use a little bit of this concealer on blemishes and under my eyes:


And blend it in with a random stippling brush. Then I use this loose translucent powder with a big fluffy powder brush:


And since I have really wimpy eyebrows (think, practically no “tail” part) I use either this:

The pencil is a bit quicker (and less expensive), but the taupe brow pomade is my perfect color. Depends on the day!

I end with a bit (or a lot) of black mascara! I usually buy a new kind every time I run out. That’s it! It feels like just enough makeup to feel put together without having to spend a bunch of time/have a cake-face. It’s my go-to during the school week!

3. Zoodles! They make me feel like a little kid (especially when I say the word “zoodles” out loud) and are a good way to sneak in more veggies. I had some earlier this week with some soy sauce and stir fry veggies. Yum!


Tower of zoodles!!!

4. Unsubscribing from emails. I decided to detox my virtual mailbox this week (and am still working on it) to try to simplify a little bit. This might make another good post, but overall I am wanting to live a little more simply. And while decluttering my inbox might not seem like much, in my mind it helps a little! And little steps totally count. (:

I am so looking forward to heading home in a few hours! Some changes are coming to Pretty Grazing soon, and I’m excited to work on making my blog a prettier place to visit!

What were you loving this week?



Wedding Dress Shopping


Happy Sunday! I love Sundays, especially when they seem to drag on forever. (Today is one of those days.) I still have a lot I need to do, but I’m soaking in the last of the weekend while I can.

Yesterday I went to my 3rd bridal shop, and had a pretty good experience. I think I have narrowed down the style I like, and now I just have to find the perfect one. I still have some time as our wedding isn’t until next year, but I can’t resist trying dresses on! I wish I could post pictures, but Jake and I want to be traditional so he isn’t going to see the dress until I walk down the aisle. (Nope, no first look for us!) One thing I will say is how the shows are totally right about changing your mind about what you want when you start trying on different styles. You just never know what is going to make you feel like a bride!

I also traveled to Pittsburg, Kansas to watch Jake race in his indoor track meet. He PR’d! Yay! I love rooting on my favorite guy doing what he loves. I hope our future kids get some of his talent. 😉

Oh, and Friday, I went to a Brad Paisley concert! Anyone who knows me well knows I am not a country music fan, but I’m a firm believer in making the best of everything. It was totally fun! I had been to a country concert last year, which was equally as fun. Having an excuse to get dressed up is always a ‘yes’ in my book.

I have a busy week coming up, but then I’m home-bound for spring break!! I haven’t been home for a while so I am excited to have some R&R soon. My birthday is also coming up!

BTW, did I mention that the whole getting married thing is great source of motivation to get my booty in the gym and skip the 2nd cookie? (Okay sometimes I still have the 2nd cookie…)

Any brides/future brides out there have any fun tips for wedding planning? I’m doing it on my own, so advice is definitely appreciated!!


We’re Vloggers!


Hi! So remember when I wrote that Jake and I were going to start vlogging our lives on YouTube? Well, we are! We try to upload at least once a week (I think, Jake does the editing and uploading so that’s a guestimate) and hope to upload even more once we live together! I already am so glad we are doing this. I never realized how many of life’s small, seemingly insignificant moments are so easily forgotten. I know I will cherish these recorded memories when we’re old and gray. (: Enough sappiness for now, though.

I got some very exciting news the other day: I got my first grad school acceptance letter!!! Yay!!! In case you don’t know, I am pursuing graduate school for Speech-Language Pathology so I can work as a speech therapist one day! Knowing that I WILL be attending graduate school in the fall is so relieving! That was the first letter I received, and is probably my second choice of schools, so I am anxious to start receiving letters from other schools.

In other news, I have started the wedding planning process! I have found a few photographers I really like and I’m pretty sure we have the venue picked out. I also have started trying on dresses, which is both fun and exhausting. I just can’t wait to marry Jake and become our own little family!

I hope you are having a wonderful night! I am going to relax tonight and watch some TV. I need to rest my mind after studying for a test I had today. Don’t forget to check out our vlogs! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtSOg7K_NZFnmTW1XEHk_OQ



Hi! Remember that project I hinted at that was supposed to launch the first of the year? Well, Jake was ready a little early, so today’s the day! We launched a YouTube channel, “Cait & Jake” to document our lives together. Our first video is up, and is entitled “We’re Engaged | 12.4.15”. While Jake and I had talked/planned about starting a vlogging channel, he secretly edited our first video with photos from high school, current photos, and photos/video clips from our proposal! I was so impressed!! So, if you want to check us out, I’ll leave the link to our channel down below. Thanks so much if you do, and if you like it, subscribe to see more!


Our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtSOg7K_NZFnmTW1XEHk_OQ

Festive Fashion

Happy Sunday! No church today (the last Sunday of the year is given off to let volunteers/staff spend time with family), so I figured I would write a blog post featuring some of the outfits I wore over the holiday weekend. Please don’t judge the iPhone photography and semi-awkward poses…I’m a beginner! (And who doesn’t love a good bathroom mirror selfie?)

I’ve been wearing my black over-the-knee boots (far left) a TON lately (Forever 21 find!), and I’m pretty obsessed with the hippy-dippy dress on the far right (Old Navy). And I totally wish I was “raised by elves” like Buddy the Elf, sorry mom and dad. 😉

Today my family has another (final!) Christmas celebration. I also have a surprise “project” in the works for January 1st. I can’t wait! Until next time…


Love is in the Air



I’m engaged!!! Yay! For Christmas this year, Jake let me in on my gift early. He set us up to get professional photos taken by his very talented cousin, Anna Neale (www.annanealephotography.com). He picked a date that would allow him plenty of time to order prints to give to me to open on Christmas day. So, on December 4th, Jake and I arrived at the local park that we chose to take the pictures at to meet Anna. We started taking the photos at the PERFECT time, with the sunset providing pretty light. We both chose two outfits, and soon after the outfit change, we started taking pictures in front of a pretty evergreen tree. Since Anna knew about the impending proposal, she sneakily clipped a go-pro camera onto her daughter’s stroller right before Jake popped the question. I am so grateful to have the moment captured in both video and in pretty photos! I can’t wait to marry Jake and become his Mrs.! I am so looking forward to planning our wedding and have definitely been daydreaming about our future a lot lately. I never would have thought that this boy I met in 8th grade would be the man I’m going to marry. The past five years with Jake have been the best, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of our days together. God has the greatest plans for us and it is the best gift to see his plans begin to unfold. Have a very merry Christmas!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.       {Jeremiah 29:11}

Photo Credit: Anna Neale Photography (www.annanealephotography.com)

Is anyone surprised?

IMG_6206In the words of Britney Spears, “Oops I did it again…” Lol I just can’t seem to grasp being a good blogger, but oh well. Its just something that is fun for me and if I don’t want to blog and have zero motivation or inspiration, I don’t. But I just got the hankering to write, so here I am!

Since I last talked to you, I went on vacation to California and it was so much fun! My biggest takeaway from that is that I will forever be jealous of northern California’s weather. No. Humidity. Coming back to Missouri was brutal after the cool crisp air I got used to. A few highlights of the trip included a scenic bike ride (during which I surprisingly didn’t wreck–woo hoo!), a beautiful beach day in Lake Tahoe, and exploring a park in San Fransisco. Oh and let’s not forget to mention that I got to experience In-N-Out for the first time and it was so good! Overall it was a lot of fun to vacation with Jake and experience new things together. I can’t wait to explore more in the future together! Oh and I rode in an airplane for the first time and it was a little underwhelming. The delays were a bit of a bummer but the views in the sky were awesome!
The rest of the summer consisted of me studying for the GRE which was not fun. But I did pretty well on the test and thankfully will not need to endure that 3 hour test ever again! Victory!

Now that school has started (it started a few weeks ago) I’m getting into a routine and am loving it. Sure, I get stressed out from time to time, and nobody likes exams, but having a set schedule to follow is nice. Below are some pics to make you jealous enjoy. California is pretty beautiful. (And so is food.)

Until next time…..

CaitlinIMG_5939 IMG_6108 IMG_6163 IMG_5978 IMG_6148IMG_6143IMG_5981

Monday Musings: #5

Did you have a fabulous weekend? I had a blast reuniting with my cousin/roommate Cierra and friend Karissa. Cierra and I hung out with Karissa in her hometown and attended a festival that was so much fun! I love fireworks and the show was really good. Earlier in the day we decided to visit a petting zoo, which was so overwhelmingly cute/fun/exciting. It’s always nice to see good friends and catch up. There’s always so much to talk about, even though it had only been a little over a month since we moved out of our dorm we lived in together. Also, can you tell I’m obsessed with my new sunnies? (healthy obsession??) But seriously, how cute are these animals

IMG_5799IMG_5803IMG_5804  IMG_5861 IMG_5849

On the fitness front, I have decided to follow a “run a 10K” plan I found in a Women’s Health magazine I recently got. I don’t have a race planned, but just thought it would be a fun way to have some fun exercising with a little bit of structure. Sometimes following a plan is the easiest way for me to stay on track. Flexibility is awesome, but from time to time it’s good to keep yourself extra accountable. Today was the first day on the plan, and it was an easy 30 minute run. It was supposed to be done at a really easy pace in which you can still carry a conversation. I headed to the park this morning and ended up running around the surrounding neighborhoods, and it was fun! (also tiring, but positivity rules, right?) Tomorrow calls for a 30-45 minute cross training workout. I’m not sure what I’ll do for that yet, but I’ll try to keep you updated! Maybe a workout video or circuit workout? We’ll see! Until next time…